Mr Aidan Wee is the CEO of PropNex WeeReal and an authority on Ho Chi Minh City real estate investments. He has an intimate understanding of the industry and business being involved directly in Vietnam’s property industry since 2008. Besides holding a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Aidan discontinued his Master of Business Administration studies to relocate to HCMC.

Throughout the years, Aidan has been providing competent local centric advice from the ground to property buyers. In particular advice along all stages of the property investment cycle. From conception, execution, acquisition, property asset management and up to disposition. In particular, Aidan’s expertise is in residential real estate accumulating diverse experiences in the various aspects of real estate investments. For instance, new launch projects, resale and leasing, and property assets management. More significantly, his clients can leverage on these useful experiences of his to benefit their property investments.

Aidan acquired an intimate understanding of property investments in Vietnam by being an insider to its property market. The such that can only be gained through riding the various peaks and troughs of Vietnam’s real estate market cycles. Furthermore, he is generous with offering information based on his years of personal and professional market experience. Above all, Aidan sincerely wants all his clients to make money by helping them build up their real estate portfolio within Ho Chi Minh City.

An industry veteran of Vietnam’s emerging real estate market and the company’s principal consultant, Aidan speaks about Vietnam real estate at property investment seminars. In addition, Aidan publicly expresses his opinion on Vietnam real estate through the writing articles that are published by international property magazines.