PropNex is a real estate agency that emphasizes on agent training and development. Our focus is around people. In essence we enable continuous value creation through professional development. With this in mind, we provide a unique combination of experiential training and personalised coaching programs not found elsewhere.

Real estate brokering is potentially a very attractive business that offers zero income ceiling and full autonomy in charting success. But at the same time, it is extremely competitive and unforgiving, where the possibility of failure far outweighs success. In order to build a sustainable career and successful business requires more than ambition. It requires commitment to purpose, disciplined action, and dogged determination before enjoying success.

We endeavour for each of our agents to be fully responsible and committed to their own success. Continuous professional agent training and development is not just about pocketing more money. But also helping our consultants become the best version of themselves in order to achieve their life goals beyond what they thought was possible.

Master Trainer’s Biography

Aidan Wee started-off as an individual property agent himself here in HCMC Vietnam in 2008 at the age of 25. Over the years, he has learned through the hard way via his own personal hands-on experience. Having experienced failures and success over the years being in the real estate business and industry. Aidan has honed his professional sales skills, marketing systems, team building techniques, and business management acumen necessary to help agents dominate their markets.

Coaching & Mentoring Program

Do you want to maximize your leads, increase your sales, and have more time for yourself? If yes, it is time to engage someone to provide you with external feedback – a performance coach. Our sessions are based on the principal objectives to IMPROVE, EXCEL and SUSTAIN.

Training and coaching are often used interchangeably, but THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Training is the process of gaining new knowledge and learning a new skill. While coaching is having someone by your side to help you implement it while pointing out your shortcomings. Yet exponential growth only comes from coaching because it helps you identify and adapt your behaviours. Thereupon learn how to become the best possible version of yourself. We are committed to developing our agents so that they can serve as an inspiration to others!

Aidan Wee PropNex WeeReal

Get the RIGHT blueprint without wasting time to re-invent the wheel.

Do you need to generate more business from real estate sales? Consistent lead generation, effective conversion systems & critical skill sets.
Do you struggle with consistent results? Time management, planning & organization systems
Do you need more confidence and commitment? The right mindset and discipline to stay accountable to yourself.

What it includes?

Personal coaching sessions
Private groups

Members only events

Dedicated support

Hear what our coaching members have to say:

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Inhouse Agent Training and Development Programs

The key to PropNex’s success as an organisation is the world-class agent training and development opportunities we provide. We hold workshops, training sessions, and seminars every month to ensure that our agents function much more than a salesperson. For one thing, our agents always deliver excellent customer service and are kept knowledgeable on the latest property trends. So then explore our training roadmaps and gain an advantage in your real estate career.

Professional Startup Program (Basic)

Our signature Professional Startup Program (Basic) is the first step to begin your career as a real estate professional. On the whole, this 2-days program will help you attain the necessary knowledge, skills and mindset required to succeed. Moreover, you will attain a greater understanding of the industry and your role as a consultant. All in all this program will help focus you on what matter the most and be personally accountable to taking action.

Format: Experiential Learning

Professional Startup Program (Advance)

Building on the basics, our Professional Startup Program (Advance) emphasizes on the critical aspects of lead generation and conversion. For the most part that you will need to understand and act on in order to see results. Additionally, this program allows you to grasp the psychology of how customers behave and have an in-depth understanding about your own self. Hence by putting your time and energy on doing the right activities each day, you can shorten the road to success. Especially achieving a breakthrough with your sales results.

Format: Workshop

Power Project Presentation Course (PPPC)

If you aspire to be a new launch project specialist, our Power Project Presentation Course shortens your learning curve. It can help you jumpstart your career path. By putting all the knowledge regarding real estate project sales and marketing into context, this program accelerates your professional development via a system. Correspondingly, you will attain important skill sets and master the techniques that will multiply your results in selling new launch projects.

Format: Classroom delivery

Power Presentation and Closing Mastery (PPCM)

Master the techniques and attain the skills required to increase your deal closing rate. Our Power Presentation and Closing Mastering helps you power-up your presentation that will win homeowners’ trust. Accordingly, create a consultative dimension regarding your approach in dealing with sellers and buyers. in turn, you will attain important skill sets and master the techniques that will multiply your results in closing resale transactions.

Format: Classroom delivery

Advance Sales Psychology Techniques (ASPT)

A powerful skills-based program with specific lessons derived from practical sales experience to accelerate your professional sales skills to an advance level. All things considered, the strategies and methodology shared in Advance Sales Psychology Techniques program are proven to work. Consequently, many agents have witnessed a 5-fold to 10-fold increase of their annual income. Moreover, the knowledge and skills shared in this program has been proven to be applicable in all the various international real estate markets.

The proven techniques emphasizing on human psychology encompass the following aspects:

  • Ways to craft and market property listings for maximum exposure.
  • Understand and manage agents’ emotions to facilitate successful deal closing.
  • Key factors to qualify high potential deals, identifying both seller and buyer motivation.
  • Stay ahead of the competition and successfully sell open/non-exclusive listings.
  • Taking a psychological approach for effective negotiations.

Format: Workshop

Salespersons’ Bootcamp (SBC)

Conducted in Singapore, PropNex’s very own Salespersons’ Bootcamp is a special program with activities and challenges uniquely designed for property agents. On the whole, every agent attending this program will have many takeaways vital to levelling up their career and business. Moreover, this program also provides the opportunity to learn from the habits of highly successful agents. Generally speaking, these professionals have broken through a million dollar in annual sales commissions.

Format: Experiential Learning

Leadership Bootcamp (LBC)

PropNex’s Leadership Bootcamp is a privileged program designed for real estate agents to find the potential for leadership within themselves. After all, being a leader is about being personally accountable and responsible for yourself. This program is critically important for you to gain mastery over your lives, business and professional career. Upon completing this program you will be propelled to success as a real estate agent. As a whole, many agents have testified to seeing their personal income explode.

Format: Experiential Learning

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