We provide a full suite of professional corporate leasing solutions in meeting the needs of our corporate landlord and tenants for their residential properties. Our dedicated Leasing Team will be able to take care of your tenancy matters from marketing, managing and leasing of vacant units to follow up on renewal and rental reports.

For corporate landlords, we help them to market and manage the portfolio of their properties. As for, corporate tenants we are able to assist them with relocation services, tenancy management, account management, home and school search and even hand over services prior to departure.

Our Corporate Leasing Solution

We truly understand the needs of corporate investors. Therefore we provide professional management and operation of property assets to maximise their return on investments. Moreover, we are proficient in taking care of property assets, as well as have proven experience in leasing out premium Ho Chi Minh City residential property. This includes the provision of related supporting services to homeowners in managing their tenants. With a comprehensive knowledge and experience in the rental market, tax planning and property maintenance. We consequently minimise the down time of assets, keeping costs and expenses low, and securing lucrative rents. It is an easy choice to appoint us as your dedicated corporate lease manager.

Leasing & Tenancy

We take care of marketing, lease negotiations, contract preparation, tenant management, contract renewals, handing and taking over of property. And strive to provide stable tenancies, ironing out problems, and constantly seek to add value to your assets.

Rent Collection & Remittance

We ensure rents are collected as per the tenancy agreement in a timely manner and transferred locally or remitted overseas into our clients’ bank account. In addition, proper documentation is applied to keep track on rent payments and to monitor payment schedule in preventing arrears.

Maintenance and Repairs

Before and after a tenancy, we conduct regular inspections and report to our clients if any maintenance or repairs works need to be done. Such as providing work costs estimates, arranging and supervising works on your behalf. As part of our handling of maintenance and repair issues, we strive to seek the most cost-effective and quality solutions.

Finance and Reporting

We are financially adept at maximizing cash flow and keeping books. Our clients will be fully informed on the performance of their investments. Additionally, we are on hand to provide up-to-the-minute advice on current market trends, as well as arranging an appraisal of your property when required. At the end of each financial period we will account for relevant taxes and file the necessary tax documents.

Language Support

Our team is on hand to support your queries and requests in English, providing translations and explanations whenever necessary. Furthermore, we will expand the type of languages we support as and when there is a need.

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