Celesta Heights is a new launch housing project that is the second phase of Celesta City. This premium apartment development area is part of the heart of Saigon South. A 2.15 hectares residential project, Celesta Heights puts the focus on its internal facilities and amenities. Launched in 2021, Celesta Heights notably will provide a 3-storey terrace clubhouse with 24/7 gym access. Besides, it will also design a first of its kind 2,500 m2 aquatic hub in an apartment complex in HCMC. Just to name a few of its prominent facilities.
Located within Nha Be District of Ho Chi Minh City, but nearby to Phu My Hung Urban Area, Celesta Heights is a premium residential project jointly-developed by Keppel Land and Phu Long. Emphasizing on a living environment that elevates the lifestyles of residents through thoughtfully crafted spaces. Celesta Heights is designed with an air-purifying landscape. In addition to natural cross air ventilation and energy saving features throughout. As well as a central water filtration system for all apartments. And complete power backup for all apartments and common areas.

Celesta Heights enjoys the benefit of being in a suburban neighbourhood yet within the confines of HCMC. This gives it the space and flexibility necessary to craft a quality living environment without loss of connectivity and urban conveniences.  

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▸ 1. What is the project overview of Celesta Heights?

Celesta Heights is situated in Nha Be District Phuoc Kien Ward Ho Chi Minh City. The project sits on a land site of 2.15 hectares fronting Nguyen Huu Tho Street to its North-east and is directly accessible from the main road. Most of all, Celesta Heights lies along the route of HCMC’s Metro Line 4. Hence, future residents of the project will be able to enjoy convenient transit into HCMC’s central business district.

Invested by Nha Be Real Estate Joint Stock Company and jointly-developed by Keppel Land and Phu Long, Celesta Heights has an established development team with a long list of development track record. The project’s architecture will be designed by Aedas, together with landscapers Sculptor Studio and interior design by Ong & Ong.

Celestae Heights Nha Be Keppel Land project

Celesta Heights Nha Be developed by Keppel Land along Nguyen Huu Tho Street.

The project scale consists of 4 apartment towers of up to 20 floors each with 1 basement, Celesta Heights will bring 752 typical apartments, 2 duplexes, 5 penthouses, and 37 shophouses into the primary market. Ownership will be on a freehold basis for local Vietnamese and 50-years leasehold for foreigners. Launching in the fourth quarter of 2021, phase 1 sales of Celesta Heights will consist of Towers 3 and 4. The project is estimated to be completed and hand-overed in the fourth quarter of 2024.

▸ 2. Where is the location of Celesta Heights?

The location of Celesta Heights is along the arterial road of Nguyen Huu Tho across from the Dragon City master plan that was approved in 2007. It is 2.7 kilometers from Rach Dia Bridge that crosses from District 7 to Nha Be. The Nguyen Huu Tho Street is a major thoroughfare that connects Hiep Phuoc major shipping port and industrial zone to the inner city, as well as HCMC’s ring roads.

Celesta Heights is in close proximity to major urban residential areas. Apart from Dragon City, it is only 1.2 kilometers from Zeitgeist Nha Be, 5.6 kilometer to Him Lam Residential Area and 6.1 kilometers from the centre of Phu My Hung. At these urban areas, there is a whole range of lifestyle activities to enjoy.

Moreover, Celesta Heights is just 9.5 kilometers or 16 minutes’ drive to the prominent tourist attraction Ben Thanh Market in HCMC’s central business district. In addition, from the project it can be easily connected to key landmarks and neighbourhood amenities. Some prominent landmarks include:

  • SC VivoCity via Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard.
  • RMIT University Campus via Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard.
  • Ton Duc Thang University Campus via Nguyen Huu Tho Street.
  • Long Thanh International Airport via Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway.
  • Hiep Phuoc Port via Nguyen Huu Tho Street

▸ 3. Who are the developers of Celesta Heights?

Keppel Land

Keppel Land delivers innovative and multi-faceted urban space solutions that enrich people and communities. It is geographically diversified in Asia, with China, Singapore and Vietnam as its key markets, while it continues to scale up in other markets such as India and Indonesia.

In Vietnam, Keppel Land is a pioneer and one of the largest foreign real estate investors with a quality portfolio mainly in HCMC, including residential properties and integrated townships.

Its sterling portfolio includes award-winning residential developments. While some are still in various stages of development, most of its projects had been completed. The extensive list includes the following:

  • Villa Riviera in Thu Duc City (formerly District 2).
  • Riviera Cove in Thu Duc City (formerly District 9). 
  • The Estella in Thu Duc City (formerly District 2).
  • Riviera Point in District 7.
  • The View @ Riviera Point in District 7.
  • Estella Heights in Thu Duc City (formerly District 2).
  • Empire City in Thu Thiem (formerly District 2).
  • Palm Heights in Thu Duc City (formerly District 2).
  • Palm Residences in Thu Duc City (formerly District 2).
  • The Infiniti @ Riviera Point in District 7.
  • Celesta Rise in Nha Be District.

Phu Long Real Estate Corporation

Established in 2005, Phu Long’s mission is to construct architectures and living spaces that are timeless, comfortable, cultured, secured, and environmentally friendly. As a real estate corporation operating under the global sustainable business standard, Phu Long continues to expand its field of business in the development of smart cities and premium hospitality in key cities as well as famous tourist sites in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Da Nang, and Phu Quoc.

Till date Phu Long has a proven portfolio of residential real estate projects in prominent locations within HCMC. While some are still in various stages of development, most of its projects had been completed. Such a list includes the following:

  • Kim Long Luxury Villas in Nha Be District.
  • Ngan Long Commerical Townhouses in Nha Be District.
  • Dragon Parc in Nha Be District.
  • Dragon Hill Residence & Suites in Nha Be District.
  • Dragon Village in Thu Duc City (formerly District 9).
  • Celesta Rise in Nha Be District.

▸ 4. What do Celesta Heights facilities include?

Celesta Heights prides itself on paying attention to its curation of over 50 different facilities that provide for a better-quality lifestyle of its residents. Tucked away in different niches of the project, facilities can be found on the ground floor, level 2 garden terrace, level 5 garden terrace, and sky garden on level 13. A key design factor of the facilities is thoughtfully curated spaces for children to learn, grow, and play. This indicates that the developers have placed a focus on creating facilities catered to multi-generational families. As part of the vision to make Celesta Heights truly a home.

The notable highlights of Celesta Heights facilities are the 63m length swimming pool, aqua gym, kids pool, jungle waterpark, gym, yoga/multi-purpose room, green playroom, jungle playground, BBQ area, retail area, water feature-scape, luxury reception hall, school bus stop, water relaxation area, pet playground, separate delivery zone, entertainment hall, karaoke-movie room, and jacuzzi.

▸ 5. What are the amenities near to Celesta Heights?

As with any high-end residential areas, the wider neighbourhood around Celesta Heights must have adequate upmarket amenities to provide for its residents. This connectivity of lifestyle hubs is important for the creation of a high-end residential community. As of now, amenities around Celesta Heights include:


  • RMIT University.
  • Ton Duc Thang University.
  • ABC International School (ABCIS) Nha Be.
  • Lawrence S. Ting School.
  • Saigon South International School.
  • British Vietnamese International School (BVIS).
  • Vietnam Australia International School (VAS).
  • American International School (AIS).
  • Singapore International School (SIS).
  • Taipei International School.
  • Canadian, Japanese, Korean International Schools.
  • Renaissance International School.
  • Vstar School.

Shopping and entertainment

  • SC VivoCity.
  • Crescent Mall.
  • Lotte Mart.


  • FV Hospital.


  • Phu My Hung Golf Course.
  • Saigon Exhibition Convention Centre (SECC).
  • Restaurants and Cafes in Phu My Hung.

Of importance, there are many international education institutions around Celesta Heights ranging from primary all the way up to tertiary education. Residents at Celesta Heights will be spoilt for choices in this aspect. 

As for job opportunities in proximity to Celesta Heights, there are a huge number of industrial parks in and around HCMC’s south. The main ones within HCMC are Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park and Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone. Not to mention all the other industrial parks located in Long An Province that is on the peripheries of the southern part of HCMC. Other employment locations are the financial centre of Phu My Hung and Hiep Phuoc Port. 

▸ 6. How are Celesta Heights floorplans designed?

The typical floorplans of Celesta Heights apartment buildings are shaped as either a rectangular, an “L” or an inverted “Z”. Such regular building shapes allows optimal use of the space by creating regular-shaped unit layouts. Each tower also comes with ample emergency exits in its two staircases, two passenger lifts, and an additional cargo lift for moving furniture and trash. 

Towers 1 and 4 are designed with 10 units on a typical floor level, while Tower 2 and 3 are designed with 9 units on a typical floor level. All the apartment buildings are designed with void-openings between every 1 or 2 apartment units. This semi-detached or detached design allows for natural cross air ventilation, better privacy and sound control in-between units. All lift lobbies, corridors and apartments are designed for natural cross air ventilation and energy savings.

Moreover, all the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartment units master bathrooms have natural ventilation that promotes good air flow through thoughtful and sustainable design. As for the kitchens of the same 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units, they are attached to yard for smell discharge and air circulation.

▸ 7. What type of products are available in Celesta Heights?

Real estate product types and sizes

Celesta Heights consists of typical apartments that are 1-bedroom units with a gross floor area of 50.4 to 51.3 sqm, 2-bedroom units ranging from 82 to 90 sqm, and 3-bedroom units from 113.9 to 117.8 sqm. The specific breakdown of Celesta Heights unit types are as follows:

  • Type 1B: Unit number T4-XX.03 (south-west view), gross floor area is 51.3 sqm and useable area is 45 sqm. Efficiency 87.7%
  • Type 1B-M: Unit number T4-XX.04 (south-west view), gross floor area is 50.4 sqm and useable area is 45 sqm. Efficiency 89%
  • Type 2BS-1A: Unit numbers T3-XX.04, T3-XX.05, and T4-XX.10 (all north-east view), gross floor area is 82 sqm and useable area is 73.1 sqm. Efficiency 89%
  • Type 2BS-1B: Unit numbers T3-XX.01, T3-XX.09 and T4-XX.07 (all south-west view), gross floor area is 82 sqm and useable area is 73.3 sqm. Efficiency 89%
  • Type 2BS-1C: Unit number T4-XX.06 (south-west view), gross floor area is 82 sqm and useable area is 73.2 sqm. Efficiency 89%
  • Type 2BL-1: Unit number T3-XX.06 (north-east view), gross floor area is 90 sqm and useable area is 81.2 sqm. Efficiency 90%
  • Type 2BL-2: Unit numbers T3-XX.07, T4-XX.01 and T4-XX.02 (all north-east view), gross floor area is 87.9 sqm and useable area is 78.8 sqm. Efficiency 90%
  • Type 2BL-2A: Unit numbers T4-XX.05 (south-west view), and T4-XX.09 (north-east view), gross floor area is 87.9 sqm and useable area is 78.5 sqm. Efficiency 89%
  • Type 3BR-1: Unit number T4-XX.08 (north-west view), gross floor area is 113.9 sqm and useable area is 101.8 sqm. Efficiency 89%
  • Type 3BR-2: Unit number T3-XX.03 (north-east view), gross floor area is 114.1 sqm and useable area is 101.9 sqm. Efficiency 89%
  • Type 3BR-2E: Unit number T3-XX.02 (south-east view), gross floor area is 117.8 sqm and useable area is 106.3 sqm. Efficiency 90%
  • Type 3BR-3: Unit number T3-XX.08 (south-west view), gross floor area is 116 sqm and useable area is 104.3 sqm. Efficiency 90%

Apart from typical apartments units, Celesta Heights will also have limited duplex, penthouse and shophouse units. However, at this point of writing no official information on these real estate products are made available by the developers Keppel Land or Phu Long. 

Real estate product handover conditions

The developers will handover apartments at Celesta Heights project in two options. Firstly, a fully-fitted condition for units in Tower 3. And secondly, bare-finish condition for all units in the other towers. The former allows buyers a clean canvas to design their dream home from scratch, while the latter has a premium quality to meet buyers’ needs.

The bare-finish handover condition of Celesta Heights apartments are as follows:

  • Concrete floors, plastered walls, apply wall putty and 1 coat of primer, main door, power socket and switches, electrical wiring circuits, tiled flooring and wall skirtings on balcony area. 

While the fully-fitted handover condition of Celesta Heights apartments are as follows:

  • Apartment flooring will be completed with tiles or industrial wood.
  • All walls in the apartment will be painted over. 
  • Internal doors will be provided.
  • All internal doors, external windows, and electrical power outlets will come intact. 
  • Airconditioning and water heating systems will be provided.
  • In the kitchen, cabinets and fittings such as sink with faucet plus cooker hob and hood will be provided.
  • Bathrooms come fully completed as well.
  • Wardrobe will be provided in the master bedroom.

▸ 8. When do buyers need to pay the instalments for Celesta Heights?

Attractive standard payment schedule 

During the construction period, buyers will only need to pay up to 30% of the purchase price of the apartment. The payment milestones are briefly as follows:

  • Pay 5% within 14 days of signing Deposit Contract (DC).
  • Pay 5% when foundation is completed.
  • Pay 10% 03 months after foundation completed.
  • Pay 10% 15 months after foundation completed

After construction completion of Celesta Heights, buyers will then need to pay the remainder 70% of the purchase price. The payment schedule are as follows:

  • Pay 65% when receiving notice to take possession of unit.
  • Pay 5% when Home Ownership Certificate (pink book) is issued.

Note that there is also another payment schedule option that buyers can choose to enjoy further price discounts.

Payment schedule with additional 2% discount

For Celesta Heights buyers who wants to enjoy further price reductions, they can opt for an alternative payment schedule to pay more upfront during construction. During construction period, buyers will make more payments of up to 50% of the purchase price. The payment schedule is broken down as follows:

  • Pay 5% within 14 days of signing DC.
  • Pay 5% when foundation is completed.
  • Pay 10% each of 3 instalments (3, 6 and 9 months from foundation completion).
  • Pay 5% each of 2 instalments (12 and 15 months from foundation completion).

After completion of construction and upon receiving the notice of handover, the balance payment milestones are as follows:

  • Pay 45% when receiving notice to take possession of unit.
  • Pay 5% when Home Ownership Certificate (pink book) is issued.

Note that the registration fee for an apartment unit is USD 4,300. The first payment milestone is inclusive of this registration fee.

▸ 9. What home mortgage loan options are there to purchase Celesta Heights?

For eligible Vietnamese buyers of Celesta Heights real estate products, home mortgage loans are provided by a list of banks such as BIDV, Vietcombank, HD Banks and HSBC. These banks do not have an exclusive right to issue loans to buyers of Celesta Heights. And provides insight on the financial capability of the developers. Buyers will have to pay 30% and sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement prior to construction completion and handover. The balance of up to 70% is then disbursed by the bank.

▸ 10. How much do buyers need to pay for Celesta Heights?

Please note that all apartment prices mentioned below are the best estimates on Celesta Heights project pricing. Note that the actual property prices of Celesta Heights will only be released by the developers at sales launch. Most importantly, our professional opinions and insights on Celesta Heights regarding its investment potential and if should you buy this project or not is available in a separate article.

In the case you are considering to buy an apartment in Celesta Heights, you should set aside on average USD 2,250 psm exclusive of VAT for bare-finish unit and USD 2,550 psm for a fully-fitted unit. Therefore, for bare-finish units, a 1-bedroom unit with VAT will cost you about USD 125,000, for a 2-bedroom unit with VAT about USD 203,000, and a 3-bedroom unit with VAT about USD 283,000.

As for the fully-fitted Celesta Heights apartment units, a 2-bedroom unit with VAT costs about USD 230,000, and a 3-bedroom unit with VAT about USD 320,000. Importantly, foreign buyers need to note that there may be a foreigner premium of 5% levied on top of the mentioned Celesta Heights apartment prices based on past practices by the developers.


This article is intended to provide an overview and first look at Celesta Heights project in Nha Be District Ho Chi Minh City. Celesta Heights is jointly-developed by Keppel Land and Phu Long. All the information contained herein are our review on Celesta Heights real estate project to help prospective buyers understand about Celesta Heights real estate products. It is by no means a replacement for professional investment advice and consultation. Buyers are advised to engage the professional services of our property investment consultants.