At some point in their investment journey, most homeowners require to sell or lease out their property to realise profits. Being a full service real estate brokerage, we are able to represent clients across a broad spectrum of property segments.

As a leading real estate brokerage in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam in general, we empower our agents to add value to clients. Moreover, our transaction specialists serve clients every step of their real estate journey. In fact, our whole team of real estate agents are career-minded and passionate in providing solutions to real estate consumers. We especially pride ourselves on the effective use of informtion technology mixing it with traditional skill sets to constantly value add our clients.

Our agents can negotiate and balance out the expectations of all involved parties. Renowned and trusted for our in-depth knowledge of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) residential real estate market. Offering a comprehensive suite of brokerage services for resale and rental real estate.

In the case of buying the first home, selling to upgrade or downsize, and on to sucessfully owning multiple residential properties. Our agents will be on hand to provide the necessary advice to both foreign and local homeowners.

Our basic suite of real estate brokerage services include but not limited to:

  • Finding the right home for buyers.
  • Marketing residential property for sellers.
  • Finding tenants for homewowners.
  • Negotiating to get the best transaction price.

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